What is Fingertips?

Fingertips is a small but very powerful utility that makes it easy to start applications, open documents, surf to your favorite websites or add information to Microsoft Outlook. It also helps you to type much faster by providing acronyms for common typed phrases.


Fingertips was very much inspired by Getting Things Done, a great system for time and stress management by David Allen. Thanks David!


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This is a gamma version

This is a gamma version of Fingertips, and based on the past 10+ years, it may very well never come fully out of development. We're always improving things. Please post your feedback and bug reports in the support forum that you can find via the Fingertips website.


This version will work until the summer of 2024. You will see a warning two weeks before the expiry date.
At that time you should be able to download a new version from the Fingertips website.


Fingertips is © Copyright 2006-2021 by Cockpit Software, XPI B.V., Utrecht, the Netherlands. All rights reserved. All copying prohibited.
The source code is © Copyright 2006-2021 by Kapalua B.V., Utrecht, the Netherlands.