Multi-user Fingertype acronyms

In the Fingertips.ini configuration file you can specify a folder, for instance on a network drive, where Fingertype will read acronyms to share between multiple users. These acronyms are not stored in the Fingertips database itself and you cannot edit them from within Fingertips itself. Instead, you'll have to create them yourself as simple text files, for instance with the Notepad application in Windows.


Make sure that you store these files with the extension .fta (for Fingertype Acronym). The name of the file will become the acronym, the contents of the file will become the phrase. For instance: the contents of the file 'sol.fta' will be used as the phrase whenever the user types the acronym 'sol'.


If you specify 'FingertipsSharedAcronymsOverride=1', the acronyms from the FingertipsSharedAcronymsFolderName folder will override any acronyms that are specified by the user in the Fingertips application itself.