Fingertype Emoji's

Fingertype supports Unicode characters, like emojis, in its phrases.


Fingertype will try to add some examples of emojis to your Fingertype list automatically: emsmile, emlaugh, emgiggle, emsad, emtongue, emkiss, emheart, emthankyou, emfist, emthumbsup, emsun, emtop, emrocket and emoffline.


Feel free to change the acronyms for these phrases, so you can access them more easily. On my computer for instance, I can type sm + space to automatically expand to a smiling face.


This works very well in Windows, Outlook and on all kinds of social media platforms.


Of course you can add your own favorite emojis, or even combinations of multiple emojis, just like adding any other phrase to Fingertype.


If often use Tim Whitlocks webpage to copy-paste emojis to Fingertips. Make sure you select and copy the emoji from the first, native, column of the table.