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Fun fact: Windows may display a 'Microsoft Defender SmartScreen' message, saying that not enough people have downloaded Fingertips yet.

If you see "Cockpit Software" in that dialog, you're good. That is how we signed it.

Until enough people have upgraded to the most recent version of Fingertips, please choose "Display More" and "Install anyway" to install Fingertips on your computer. 

Click here to download Fingertips 3.9.6
(June 2021)

Note: to update an existing installation of Fingertips, you’ll first need to close the old version, for instance by pressing Alt+X in the command window.

What’s new in this version of Fingertips?

Happy Users

"I can't imagine working on a computer without Fingertips. This software makes starting programs and typing frequently used text much easier."
Jeroen Stegeman

"Downloaded your product this morning, and starting e-mail has never been this easy!"
Erik Heerkes

"If I only had known it was that easy…, tnx! Fingertips is really an incredible piece of software for making life easier."
Mike van den Bos