Quickly Add Emojis to Your Messages

Adding emojis can make your messages more human and fun. But using your mouse to find and add them is so sloooow. Can we fix that?

Sure, we can!

The Fingertype functionality in Fingertips allows you to quickly add emojis to a message, by just touching one or two keys on your keyboard!

For instance, type ‘sm’ in an email and it can automatically be turned into a nice smile for you: 😊.

Or ‘smi’ into ‘😃’.

And ‘sz’ into 😆.

You get the idea.

Just tell Fingertips which acronyms you’d like to use for which emojis.

Use standard emojis

A couple of emojis are already set up for you in Fingertips as examples.

They all start with ’em’.

You find them in the list of acronyms in the Options screen:

  1. Download and install the most recent version of Fingertips
  2. Press Ctrl+` (accent grave) to open the Fingertips command window
  3. Press Alt+3 to open the Fingertype tab in the Options screen
  4. Type ’em’ in the search box at the top to see the list with all default emojis:
  1. Pick an emoji that you want to use a lot and change it’s acronym in the Acronym box at the right side of the screen.

    For instance: change ’emkiss’ to ‘ki’, so that it is short and easy to remember.
  2. Press the Ok button at the bottom right (Alt+O) to save your changes and close the Options Screen.
  3. Now, whenever you type ‘ki’ and press the spacebar, Fingertips will replace the word ‘ki’ with the emoji 😘 for you.

    This works just fine in all kinds of social media apps, too:

Add new emojis

Adding other emojis to Fingertype is easy as well:

  1. Open the Fingertype tab in the Options screen (Alt+3)
  2. Press the New button (Alt+N)
  3. Type a new Acronym in the box at the right
  4. Paste an emoji in the Phrase box at the right
  5. Press the Ok button (Alt+O)

I often copy emojis that I want to add from Tim Whitlocks webpage. Use the emojis in the first column (“Native”) in his table.

Not all emojis from the list may be supported on the version of Windows that you use. In that case, the emoji won’t display properly in the Phrase box.


If your acronyms are not replaced by emojis, check if you have switched on the Fingertype functionality in Fingertips. Open the Miscellaneous tab in the Options Screen (Alt+4 in the Fingertips Command Window). Make sure the box before ‘Use Fingertype’ is checked.

Instead of using only one acronym per emoji, feel free to use multiple emojis for one phrase. How about ‘st’ (smile, thumbs up) for 😃👍?

Using Fingertype to add emojis to messages is really fast and fun, but don’t forget that you can use this same functionality to abbreviate words, phrases or even multiple paragraphs. Use it for instance to easily insert a route description into an email, to quickly enter long email addresses in forms, or to abbreviate complex words that you often use.

Enjoy 😃👍

Tom Sharp

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