Fingertips Features

Type Text Without Typing

Type Text Way Faster By Typing Only The Acronyms - This Can Speed Up Your Typing 20x!

Speed-up Your PC

Start Applications, Open Your Favorite Documents, Use the Built-in Live Calculator, Surf Quickly To Your Favorite Websites, Paste Text From The Clipboard, Unformatted, Open Websites Directly From Fingertips, Let Fingertips Detect URL's On The Clipboard, Start Menu applications are turned into commands automatically.

Drive Outlook at Full-Speed

Add Information To Microsoft Outlook, Open Specific Folders In Microsoft Outlook

Is Your Computer Slower Than Your Brain?

Let’s face it: your computer is slow. And you may even be ignorant about it right now. Most people will suffer through the days at work putting up with all the delays and mini-interruptions without asking questions.

Wouldn’t You Want To Get Things Done Much Faster? And with much less interruptions in your natural thought-process? Your computer can aid in achieving a state of flow, instead of hindering the flow of ideas and concentration.

There is a big problem with modern computers. And that is the fact that most people use their mouse exclusively to drive their PC. The mouse is great for tasks that you perform infrequently. But when it comes to processing your e-mail, opening applications, surfing to often-visited websites, mousing is terribly slow.

As soon as you get to know Fingertips, you’ll find that you will become much more productive.

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Kudos for Fingertips

“I can’t imagine working on a computer without Fingertips. This software makes starting programs and typing frequently used text much easier”


“Downloaded Fingertips this morning, and starting e-mail has never been this easy!”


“If I only had known it was that easy…, tnx! Fingertips is really an Incredible peace of software for making life easier.”